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November 2018


Donna Loeffler:

I want to share what I’ve learned not only as a cancer survivor, but to help others truly turn their lives into a win. To really help others quickly improve their current condition.

It is my mission to help women who are facing breast cancer by showing them there is a way to come through it, to live a full and happy life during and especially after this so very challenging time in their lives.

SeoSupersite.com Interviewer:

Why is what you do so effective Donna? Your results are so impressive, you are really helping people.

Donna Loeffler:

I think because I help others by shifting the negative into a positive to feel more alive and free. I help these women overcome the lingering fear, doubt and worry commonly called “The Cancer Shadow”.

SeoSupersite.com Interviewer:

How can the people that are interested get in touch with you Donna?

Donna Loeffler:

Anyone who is interested can always call and schedule a free call via my SeoSupersite website or just call me at (909) 560-9996. I am here whenever they need me. They are also welcome to join my facebook Group MissusMidlife’s Open Line for valuable tips and inspiration.

SeoSupersite.com Interviewer:

With the launch of your New SeoSupersite website on Google you will now be able to reach a vastly larger audience. How do you feel about that Donna?

Donna Loeffler:

I am so excited to have the opportunity having an SeoSupersite website now to be easily found on Google, because now I will be able to “turn more lives into a win!” …

SeoSupersite Interviewer:

Thank you for your time today Donna and from the entire team here at SeoSupersite.com we wish you all the best of luck. And we are so very proud to be associated with such a good cause and of course with you, such a caring person who strives only to help others.



SeoSupersite of the Year 2017 The Gutter Magician


Congratulations to the Gutter Magician company who was awarded the SeoSupersite of the year for 2017 from the site builder SeoSupersite.com.

Gutter Magician was chosen over 42 other SeoSupersites built in 2017. The Gutter Magician SeoSupersite is truly an amazing tool for the team based in Erlanger Kentucky.

Some of the features of the award winning Gutter Magician SeoSupersite are as follows:

  • Over 150 + pages of content
  • 70 market area City Pages
  • Keyword Dominance in Three States
    1. Kentucky
    2. Indiana
    3. Ohio
  • The top rated Gutter and Gutter Cover Website in the United States
  • Custom “Password Protected” In-Home Digital DEMO page. The unique feature makes the in-home shopping experience a fun, informative experience for the home owners. The digital DEMO enables the Gutter Magician Factory Trained Representative to plug into the homeowner’s T.V. and take them step by step through the process in the comfort of their home right from their T.V.
  • Nationwide Dealer Network Portal “Password Protected The dealer portal enables the nationwide network of Gutter Magician dealers to simply log into the site at guttermagiciannky.com and place orders, fast, efficiently and with ease.
  • Over 400 + keyword combinations ranking for SEO on Google.
  • Local Marketing: is in sync with the SeoSupersite enabling owners in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio to see or hear local radio and other promotions in print and online to easily save money on their orders.

The Gutter Magician SeoSupersite of the Year award was given to the company owners Doug and Stacey Verst at a special dinner at Walt’s Steakhouse in Kentucky. Thank You to Walt’s and to Johnny Delagrange for singing to us all that night. Johnny recorded the company Jingle for both the Gutter Magician and SeoSupersite.com

Back row: Rick CEO of SeoSupersite.com and owner of The Gutter Magician Doug Verst.
Front row: Owner Stacey Verst and Special Guest on his “87th birthday”  Uncle Frankie.

Doug and Stacey Verst of the Gutter Magician with their 2017 SeoSupersite of the year award.

Once again CONGRATULATIONS! To the entire team at the Gutter Magician for their “newest team member” the SeoSupersite that works 24-7 being seen monthly now by hundreds and hundreds of homeowners and new future customers on Google.

All the best to the team at The Gutter Magician in 2018 and beyond!


Windy City Stairlifts releases new SeoSupersite in Chicago

Windy City Stairlifts has just released its new SeoSupersite designed to make the experience coming in from Google in search of a new stairlift much easier and more user friendly.

The new site is designed with modern features making it easier to navigate and find the information shoppers in the market for a new Stair Chair are looking for, by phone or computer of any type or screen size.

It features touch screen image buttons that allow the user to interface with the touch of a button whether by phone, laptop, tablet or desk top in the comfort of their home.

Our valued customers are why we continue to add new sites and modernize the entire organization” said company President Jon Tevz. “We have the best people in the industry working on our team. We take great pride in making the shopping experience as easy and user friendly as is possible with today’s technology. All in an effort to save time and inform our most important part of our business, our customers.You can count on us!”

For those people considering a new Bruno stairlift or stair chair in the Chicago metro area, please check out the new SeoSupersite from Windy City Stairlift at www.windycitystairlift.com You can browse the site and give us a call and we will give you a no hassle, no obligation quote and include all of the options designed to solve your personal mobility issues once and for all, at a great price.

Toll Free: 1-844-IL-LIFTS (455-4387)


First Page Plus SeoSupersite.com hires singer, songwriter Johnny Delagrange to record its new company jingle, check it out!

Johnny Delagrange recently recorded the new company jingle for First Page Plus SeoSupersite.com

Company CEO Rick requested Delagrange’s work on his new jingle after hearing the work Delagrange did for Gutter Magician. Gutter Magician is a nationwide client of First Page Plus SeoSupersite.com.  They launched their new SeoSupersite and Jingle in September 2017.


Johnny did a great job on both jingles” said Rick. I would recommend Johnny to all of my clients looking for a jingle at a great price, any business can afford it and use it in their local ads and branding.

Johnny has a cool, smooth voice that all demographics can appreciate” said Rick. His jingles are smart, easy to listen to and perfect for branding any type of company.

Check out the new SeoSuperministe by First Page Plus for Johnny Delagrange at www.johnnydelagrangemusic.com


Gutter Magician President Congratulates Legendary Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Ken Anderson.

SeoSupersite CEO Rick, Lengendary QB Ken Anderson and Gutter Magician company President Doug Verst.

Ken Anderson Legendary Quarterback number 14 of the Super Bowl Cincinnati Bengals was recently named one of the TOP  Bengals of all time! While at the I-Heart Radio corporate offices recording the new Gutter Magician. 700 WLW Radio commercials. SeoSupersite CEO Rick, and Gutter Magician President Doug Verst were on hand to congratulate Kenny on a well deserved honor.

Kenny recorded (2) new Gutter Magician commercials to air on 700 WLW saving callers $600.00 just by mentioning BENGAL 14 (Kenny’s great offer to local listeners in Cincinnati). All listeners need to do to receive the great offer is go to the new SeoSuperiste for Gutter Magician at www.guttermagiciannky.com and enter in the Bengal 14 code and send it in. Easy and a great savings.

Thanks Kenny and Gutter Magician!

Listen to the new Ken Anderson Gutter magician I-Heart radio 700 WLW commercials


Interview with Doug Verst, President of the Gutter Magician Company


Doug, Congratulations on your success with the Gutter Magician company. What do you attribute the great success and phenomenal growth of your company to?

Doug Verst:

Best Trained Factory Reps.
Thanks, and honestly as focused and hardworking that I am, my “Secret to Success” if there is one is my Team at the Gutter Magician. It is what really separates my company from all of the rest of the gutter cover companies out there. I have the BEST trained Factory Reps. And Installation crews and my team at my corporate offices in all departments go out of their way to make customers feel like family, they love their jobs and it shows. I love that about my team, and honestly I have come to expect it now from everybody. I want our customers to be able to count on me and my entire organization each and every one of us!


With so many gutter cover companies and gutter protection products on the market today, why can you so confidently say the Gutter magician system is the very best out there?

Doug Verst:

The Only Solution to Gutter Pollution!
So many reasons, but to get right to the point, it is the product itself that makes the Gutter Magician Gutter Protection system truly the Only solution to Gutter pollution. It is superior to all other gutter covers and gutter systems out there today.

We have an “Exclusive X Bracket” that is the heart of our system. We attach our system directly to the fascia with 3 inch screws, and NOT the roof like the other companies do. It’s really not going anywhere with that kind of well thought out attaching method. Combine that with our full 5 inch trough and water passes through easily and leaves and debris just stay out period.

All of this combined with our factory trained team of reps. who meet our homeowners directly and our professionally trained installers creates a “circle of professionalism” unmatched in the gutter industry today anywhere. We take great pride in our product, installation and we are “locally managed by me and my family”. So that means we are not from Florida or New Jersey or anywhere else like so many of the other companies owners and operators are.


Doug, as a true “local guy” born and raised in Northern Kentucky and managing a family owned business right here in your home town in Erlanger Kentucky, we noticed that you are really putting your name out there. A beautiful new SeoSupersite website at www.guttermagiciannky.com , doing radio spots with 700 WLW with really great ads on I-Heart radio and an awesome, catchy jingle. I’m sure many of your future customers hear all about you every day now. That really is a great offer of a FREE, No Obligation estimate. And all they have to do is call 859-741-7444 to get it. If a homeowner reading this wants to find out more about their gutter cover and gutter protection options as well as roofing and siding which you also excel in at the Gutter Magician what should they do?

Doug Verst:

Call today for FREE gutter protection estimate
That’s a great question. To put it simply just email us if later in the evening after hour’s right from our website and we will call you in the morning to set an appointment with you at a convenient time. Or call us anytime during the day.

We will send one of our very knowledgeable and super friendly factory reps directly to your home and give you all the answers you need and at a fair price. Also, with the promise of being treated like family.

You can count on us!


Access Elevator Opens New Company Access Mobility Vans.

The Access Family Of Companies Continues to Grow To Better Serve It’s Customers.

The Access Elevator family of Companies

The Access Elevator Company founded by Jon Tevz over plus 20 years ago is proud to announce another great addition to it’s fine family of companies. Access Mobility Vans specializing in wheelchair accessible vans and trucks.

Once again Jon Tevz and his team of caring professionals have added another important product line that gives mobility and makes Access to daily life easier.

Access Mobility Vans offers a wide variety of products and services for the last 20 plus years.


Access Elevator offers stairlifts in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and any all surrounding areas. Offering premium brands like BRUNO stairlifts, Savaria Elevators and lifts, REI home elevators, ramps and more.


Access Ability Home Medical Equipment offers a wide variety of medical equipment and remodeling services to make the home more accessible and life more comfortable.


Access Mobility Vans specializes in Custom Wheelchair Vans in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and all surrounding areas. Specializing in all products and many premium brands like Eldorado Vans.


Windy City Stairlifts specializes in Curved, Straight and Outdoor stairlifts. In Chicago and all surrounding areas. Windy City Stairlifts offers Premium Stairlift products from BRUNO.


StairliftChicago.com offers Straight, Curved and Outdoor Stairlifts in Chicago and all surrounding areas. Specializing in BRUNO Stairlifts.


Milwaukeestairlift.com offers Curved, Straight and outdoor stairlifts in Milwaukee and all surrounding areas. Specialzing in BRUNO Stairlifts.


Jon, Congratuations on another great addition to the Access Family of Companies Access Mobility Vans!

All of your companies offer products designed to enhance and increase mobility and comfort for your customers. Your newest offering takes the next logical step by offering Eldorado and other premium wheelchair van products.

After over 20 years Jon what is the secret to your success serving all of your customers with so many diverse products and services so well?

Jon Tevz:

Thanks for the kind words. But you know like many hard working business owners, I am dedicated to my customers. My goal in building all of my companies and product lines is to make life easier at home and now on the road with the newest venture Access Mobility Vans. Really its all about enhancing mobility in any way we can for our customers. But to really answer your question, my real secret to success is the team of people I have surrounded myself with from employees to vendors. We carry the best product lines and have a team of caring professionals from managers, installation technicians to administrative people. They all are dedicated to solving customer’s needs and to make them feel as special as they are to us all.


www.accessmyride.com is your newest website. But how can customers find out more information about getting into a new wheelchair van in the Milwaukee, Madison or Chicago areas?

Jon Tevz:

Great question, the easiest way is to call us directly in Wisconsin at

1-844-945-4387 or in Illinois1-844-455-4387. Or if after hours, go directly to our website at www.accessmyride.com and send us an email directly from our website and we will call you first thing in the morning.


Jon, these new custom wheelchair vans from Eldorado for example are really great looking with very fair pricing and with all the expected bells and whistles. But what about financing any help with that and do you accept trade ins?

Jon Tevz:

Our first goal is to always have a conversation and really do our best to listen carefully to what our customer’s needs are. We accomplish this on our first call and then invite our new customer to our place for a test drive. We will happily set up a good time that fits your busy schedule to come on over and discuss all of the details and look at the wheelchair vans in person. We can determine what kind of wheelchair van or even a wheelchair truck as we carry those too is best for your needs.

We do accept trade ins and will go over all possible avenues and options for financing and payment.

We will make it all easy as possible on you. If need be we can even bring the new van directly to you. We know you have places to go, we will get you there in style and with a caring support staff for on-going maintenance and customer service at your disposal daily.


Jon, many of your potential customers are military vets from every branch of service. Do you offer any special benefits to our American hero’s?

Jon Tevz:

Yes we do!

We proudly welcome our U.S. military vets. We have created a special page on our website that you can go to directly from this link:


There they will find a lot of very helpful information and benefits for our valued vets. We will go out of our way to help any of our customers but especially our military vets.


Jon, Access Mobility Vans is a very impressive and much needed to increase mobility for your customers in Wisconsin and Illinois and all surrounding areas.With your strong line of products and amazing team of professionals, it looks like you have really created a “one stop shopping” umbrella of companies at The Access Family of Companies. Congratulations on your new venture and the best of luck to you and your team.

Jon Tevz:

Thank you very much, as always I am proud of what I do on behalf of my family at home and at work and our valued customers. With the help of the best team of people in the business I am lucky to have, we all look forward to the next 20 + years of serving our customers in all surrounding areas for wheelchair vans, Wheelchair Ramps, Stairlifts, Home Elevators and all medical products.