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SeoSupersite.com is the leader in new websites called SeoSupersites and SEO for all companies in the U.S. and Canada. We Are the Number One Choice in North America to get found on the First Page of Google by all categories of companies. We will help you increase your business with more traffic from Google searches, no matter what you offer. We offer “Unlimited” keywords in any market of the U.S. and Canada at only $600 Per Month.

SeoSupersite.com© Offers SeoSupersite Websites, FREE Mobile Websites, FREE Website Evaluations, SEO, Google Adwords Pay Per Click, Retargeting, Website Hosting, City Pages, SEO BLOGS, SEO Directories, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Management, Reputation Management in all United States and Canadian markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a SeoSupersite© work for any business?

Yes, any company looking to be found on internet search engines will benefit from our sites.

I already have an SEO provider but I want a new SeoSupersite© can we stay with our SEO provider and have your company build us an SeoSupersite ?

Yes, this happens frequently for various reasons and circumstances, we work with all types of companies even if you have an SEO provider currently. We will work with your provider as needed to get your site up and running on flywheel.com WordPress hosting.

What about images, do you provide them?

Yes, but keep in mind building a new SeoSupersite© is a team effort and we work together to find the best images possible to make your site look beautiful.

Can I just buy city pages from your company to add to my existing site?

Yes, city pages are like rocket fuel for your Search Engine Optimization and only $100 each.

Do you offer financing on new WordPress websites?

Yes, ask about our “easy pay” only ½ down and ½ upon completion. Please ask us if you need more payment flexibility we will work with you no problem. All credit cards accepted for your convenience processed through Bank of America.

What about all the extras the other companies try to sell me, are you going to charge extra for those like they do?

No never, our sites are all inclusive with any pages, sliders, scrolls, etc. that you want all included, no extra charge. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars on your new website, why pay more when you don’t have to?

How long does it take to build an SeoSupersite? Most companies take 3-6 months to build a good site do you take that long too?

No, not at all, our sites are all custom built on WordPress in 30-60 days with your review and proof approval along the way.

Do you need an SEOSUPERSITE©?

Ask yourself these questions

(Then call us at 954-245-7292 to discuss your options)

  • Is your current site more than 2-3 years old? And maybe even older than your cell phone?
  • Is your current site designed for a smaller, square screen and needs to be modernized to fit a full rectangular screen?
  • Do you still rely on the contact us button vs. a professional conversion form?
  • Do you have a conversion friendly “above the fold line” home page?
  • Do you have too much motion on your home page? ( increases bounce rate)
  • Do you have any HYPERLINKS?
    (takes current site visitors away to see another site. How can this help you in any way? What if they don’t come back? )
  • Ask us about our RETARGETING campaigns at only $200 a month includes no extra charge for the ads.
  • Do you have enough manufacturer’s product content? (eliminates the need for company or vendor HYPERLINKS)
  • Does your website have too many bells and whistles?
  • Are the website quotes for a quality professional built for SEO and Google website higher than $2,500? (why pay more?) No salesman’s commission built in here, (only website geeks) and we do the work in house, saves you lots of money in some cases $1,000’s less.
  • Does your current website quote charge for sliders? Website content migration? SEO set-up? A bunch of bells and whistles you DO NOT NEED?

If you are ready for a modern website built for conversions of ANY product, then an SeoSupersite© from First Page Plus could be the answer.

Give us a call and let’s talk, that only costs our mutual time. We can look at some of our actual SeoSupersite© and review the details.

We welcome any and all SeoSupersite© projects, we do not require that you are an SEO client to have us custom design and build your SeoSupersite©.

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Email: rickfirstpageplus@outlook.com