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SeoSupersite.com is the leader in new websites called SeoSupersites and SEO for all companies in the U.S. and Canada. We Are the Number One Choice in North America to get found on the First Page of Google by all categories of companies. We will help you increase your business with more traffic from Google searches, no matter what you offer. We offer “Unlimited” keywords in any market of the U.S. and Canada at only $600 Per Month.

SeoSupersite.com© Offers SeoSupersite Websites, FREE Mobile Websites, FREE Website Evaluations, SEO, Google Adwords Pay Per Click, Retargeting, Website Hosting, City Pages, SEO BLOGS, SEO Directories, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Management, Reputation Management in all United States and Canadian markets.

SeoSupersite.com© was established to handle the unique and very specialized needs of all types of companies who want to be found on the FIRST page of Google at an affordable rate only $600 per month for “Unlimited number of Keywords”. We never charge like other companies do by the keyword. We have 20 plus years of internet and marketing expertise at your disposal daily. World Class Customer Service. We work with 100’s of companies for many projects, please check our sample of some of the customers we have worked with over the years in our Gallery. Just too many too list.

SeoSupersite Who We Are…

Our company history is long and varied since 1999 when Google first began.

My name is Rick and as the owner and CEO I chose our name for our company that reflected who we really are. SeoSupersite the First Page of Google with SEO Plus websites designed for Google specifically. The now, very well known name in North America SeoSupersite was born. We began reaching out directly to companies just like yours. We continue to add smart, hard working professionals to our team as we grow each month and year.

SeoSupersite offers: SEO, PPC and Websites Wholesale Direct to any kind of Business in the U.S. and Canada

Our company name and brand of Website is called SeoSupersite

Our SeoSupersite websites are two sizes and prices and NOBODY beats our prices in the U.S. or Canada Nobody!

What Prices you can expect from SeoSupersite

  • 10 page SeoSupersite Only $1,200 done in 30 days or less
  • Unlimited Number of Pages SeoSupersite Only $2,500 done in 30 days or less
  • SEO “Unlimited KeywordsOnly $600 per Month
  • FREE Mobile Responsive Website with any order!

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What are SeoSupersites©?

The concept was created and developed by Rick the CEO and founder. The concept has continued to evolve since then. Each site is custom designed and built by our team of “SeoSupersite Nerds” to ensure SeoSupersite© strict standards.

The concept is simple, a Modern Powerful built for SEO and PPC site with large images, excellent content, more user friendly than traditional sites, and designed for conversions with no hyperlinks to any vendor sites. This is essential as many websites today have hyperlinks.

SeoSupersites© offer less old school buttons and new innovative content image buttons, that look and work great on any type of touch screens. Designed to make it user friendly and a conversion machine. Movement is reduced or eliminated for better conversions.

Guaranteed to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions from Emails and Calls!

A NEW Modern designed for Google’s First Page SeoSupersite will help your company GROW!
We make your Phone Ring…

Is your current website A PAY PHONE BOOTH? Using Older Outdated Technology? You have been Thinking about making a change RIGHT? NOW is the time to do it!

Who sells “The Original” SeoSupersites©?

No other company offers SeoSupersites©. The founder and owner of SeoSupersite created the concept and is the only seller of these powerful, affordable sites built for Google and SEO/PPC in all of North America.

Don’t be fooled, there are many imitators who claim their WordPress sites are “Supersites”, see the difference and you decide. With every other company you get less and pay a lot more.

Why are Hyperlinks bad for your company?

They take visitors away from your site to a vendor site or elsewhere. How does this help you set and appointment for your sales team or sell something? It doesn’t.

Visitors who leave your site may never come back to buy.

Vendors sites do not sell your product, you do. Keep enough vendor related content instead of hyperlinks and you will get more conversions, period!

We Guarantee to beat any verifiable estimate in the U.S. or Canada on any type of website built in WordPress.
Nobody beats our prices!

Our Nationwide Scheduling Research Team

SeoSupersite has a nationwide team of Internet Research Managers (you may have spoken to one of our team of dozens of professionals across the U.S. and Canada who work from home and called you and directed you to our site) who continue to reach out to companies NOT on the First Page of Google, who do NOT have a modern, built for Google SeoSupersite. Maybe you are on Page 2 or 3 of Google with an older website or even farther back (sound familiar?) All of your competitors are ahead of you right? Their job is not as an SEO or website expert, but to set an appointment with one of our professional website analysts to call you and answer all of your questions, custom design and build you a new Seosupersite website and get you ranking on the First Page of Google.